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Photography from in and around Adelaide – Phill Hunt

Cat Power at The Gov

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Cat sings in the dark. Jan, 2010

Cat Power and The Dirty Delta Blues played The Govenor Hindmarsh in Adelaide on Jan 5th.  It was a brilliant gig although there was clearly something troubling Chan; her discussions with guitarist Judah Bauer became longer as the show progressed and increasingly she stood next to Judah with her back to the audience. At the end of the show she handed out flowers to the audience and then, after the band had left the stage she apologised for the show not being up to standard.  I don’t know; I thought she was brilliant.

Cat does like to sing in the dark however and the G9 struggled. I don’t mind, though, the feel to this one.

Whilst we’re talking photography at concerts and shows, a quick note to the idiot who was left of the stage last night armed with a Canon SLR, kit lens and on board flash: there’s some unwritten protocols about photography at concerts and I’m guessing standing right against the stage and blasting the performer with the red eye reduction pre flash and then the full flash everytime that performer comes within 10 feet of you is pretty much going against all of those protocols.

I mean, come on, seriously sport; everytime Chan headed stage right she was blasted with your flash.  Just take a couple and then enjoy the show.  Or, better yet, ditch the kit lens, get your self a decent lens with a wide aperture and turn the flash off.  And then, just take a couple and enjoy the show.


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January 6, 2010 at 9:10 am

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  1. i attend her gig back in mar 08 in melbourne when i was travelling in oz. i luv her and the band, so as the atomsphere. agree, just a few photo and enjoy the show.


    February 2, 2010 at 6:06 pm

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